FFF…free from fear

I had the privilege to observe someone who had been living in fear, suddenly begin to live without fear. It was amazing! There was a noticeable change. It was obvious, it was measurable, it was contagious!

Living in fear of what is ahead, or what others may think or what might happen, affects the way we make decisions, even the smallest ones. Watching someone move from being fearful to being fearless is like watching some amazing event in nature unfold before you.

It not only impacts decision-making, it changes conversations, attitudes, level of happiness, and energy levels. Living free of fear draws other in, its like a magnet (unlike the maggots that fear creates).

I don’t think there’s a formula for becoming free for fear. If I had it, I would be writing a book not a blog. I do know it’s worth searching for it. It’s worth making the decision to become free. It’s worth taking step toward the goal. I highly recommending hanging out with others that are free…cause it’s a sight to behold.


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