Day 12

What comes first – fear or faith?

It’s a simple question.  It’s answer is all telling! When life happens, where does your mind go – fear or faith?

Hands down, no question about it, my mind resided in fear:

  • what if…
  • that means…
  • who’s making these decisions…
  • we have to get them to understand…
  • if that happens than…

Changing this mindset isn’t easy. For me, it had been a way of life for 50 years; it took time…a lot of time. At first my new responses were the opposite of the fear thought. It was a step in the right direction, but it felt shallow.  One can say, “It doesn’t matter what others think” a million times, but unless there is something to back it up, they are just words.

Back to my quest to know what do I believe;  I no longer wanted to have concepts to live by, I wanted to know, to believe. I began to find verses in the Bible that explained why I need not worry. I wrote them down, I read them over and over. When the fear thoughts come to mind, I refused to think anything except, “I have to go find my verse!” Once found, I would read it over and over and over. No longer did I repeat concepts. I was speaking my belief, my faith.

What comes first…I believe for all of us fear comes rushing in, it’s Satan’s first line of attack.  Faith is the only way to conquer fear!


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