9 – CEO

9 – CEO

Audio Lesson: https://youtu.be/I4_os4Rg5TY

She contemplates a field and purchases it; from the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard.

She not only buys and sells land, she turns it into a vineyard! She is a wise business woman who can hold her own.

Not everyone is destined to be CEOs, CFOs, or an entrepreneur. But a basic understanding of business is required for anyone to survive in this world.

Budgeting money, dealing with people, managing your time, prioritizing you day, setting goals, managing debt, buying a house, renting an apartment, need I go on? A person who can’t manage their time is unreliable. A person who can’t control their spending is a risk. A person who can’t manage others is destined for a life of chaos.

Perhaps we all are destined to be CEOs for that is what it takes to manage our lives.


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