Audio Lesson:

She advises that her merchandise is good her lamp does not go out at night.

She doesn’t just think it, she knows it. She knows that what she accomplishes is good and she is relentless, never turning off the light, never calling it quits.

It’s not easy to be confident in your finished projects. Doubt, anxiety, insecurities plague all of us. If this one has any doubt, she doesn’t let it rule her. Perhaps it is the fact that she is disciplined, or that she is organized, or that she can actually see a profit, or that she won’t settle for anything less.

She is confident in the finished results of whatever she puts her hands to, and down deep, she knows it’s the best she has to offer, thus it is good. How could it not be? This one takes life seriously, lives it to the fullest, takes advantage of every opportunity and has strong arms. Above all that, she’s not a quitter. She refuses to give up. She takes the time to learn what she needs, works diligently to perfect it, and in the end, is satisfied with the final product. And it’s good!!


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