JG Bruenning

Jeannie G Bruenning

A Chicago transplant, Jeff and I enjoy life on California’s Central Coast. Wife, mother and grand-mother; I began taking writing seriously in 2008 and in 2009 created Silver Thread Publishing. I believe everyone should experience the journey of writing, it changes us in a way nothing else can. Few experiences compare to working one on one with new authors as they begin their journey.



Moxy 31 is a twenty part study of Proverbs 31. For those who have only ever looked at this proverb as a blueprint for the ideal wife, I invite you to take a new look. Proverbs 31 is the blueprint for developing a strong character, being a woman of integrity, living life to it’s fullest and become a woman of strength and dignity who can laugh at the future.  All twenty studies are available on Youtube. Join me for this Moxy31 at Youtube  Jeanniegb/Moxy.





Silver Thread Publishing allows me to make an authors dream come true by putting their work into print. How often can we actually hold our dream? Books do that for us, they start with an idea and eventually turn into thousands of words printed neatly on a page. Books allow us to hold those original thoughts in our hands.

Check out what we’ve published thus afar…there is always room for yours!  www.asilverthread.com

I would love to hear your story!



I love Beatrice Miller! First off, she’s a shop girl. She’s young, full of dreams and vision. She loves her family (even if they are a little off) and learns she is willing to do anything to protect them. She redefines ‘letting go’.





If I had a chance to sit down with a manger and teach them the secrets to running a successful store, these are the secrets I would share.


I admit The Plan Series is odd, but its a wonderful kind of odd. Its a fictional look at the stories in the Bible, especially those of the old testament. In totality, it’s an odd child’s image of an all powerful, all knowing God; what Heaven is, and just possibly, why we are alive.

theplan Captive cover sm

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  1. It was wonderful reading about you and your family. It sounds like you have had wonderful adventures. You express yourself so beautifully and I look forward to meeting you in “Write on”.

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