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Jeannie G. Bruenning

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The Memoirs of Beatrice Miller

I love Beatrice Miller! First off, she’s a shop girl. She’s young, full of dreams and vision. She loves her family (even if they are a little off) and learns she is willing to do anything to protect them. Beatrice Miller redefines ‘letting go’.




Lessons Learned in Retail Management

If I had a chance to sit down with a manger and teach them the secrets to running a successful store, these are the secrets I would share. Lessons Learned in Retail Management will be available on Audible December 2017.


CoverThe Plan Series

I admit The Plan Series may wobble on the side of odd, but it’s a wonderful kind of odd. An allegory of the Bible, The Plan tells the story of a  Kingdom who patiently waits for those who have left to return home.

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Children’s Books


Your Wagon is a Saggin’

Philip learns how to deal with three very difficult emotions; Sadness, Anger and I Don’t Understand

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Your Wagon is a Saggin’ : https://youtu.be/Ppxm1VaYV8Q

Mr. Hobbins’ Beautiful Things: https://youtu.be/tS6h2k4WYUs



Mr. Hobbins’ Beautiful Things

Mr. Hobbins learns the important lesson that people are more valuable than even the most beautiful things.