The Moxy Chick

The Moxy Chick

Each year I find myself revisiting Proverbs 31. It’s been a proverb that I have loved and read since a teen. Back then, this Proverb was all about being the perfect wife – HA!- the perfect wife only exists when there is a perfect husband – HA!HA!

In my 30’s  it spoke to me on a new level. It became a guide on how to manage a crazy life and pretend that you have it all. Honey, only 30 year olds believe they can have it all. HA!HA!HA!

In my 40’s, Moxy started to shine a new light on the importance of building character, being a strong, courageous woman, and living without fear.

In my 50’s Moxy has become a good friend, a wise old woman who has hidden secrets that she reveals when she feels like it or when the reader is finally listening.

A few months ago I was going to start a study on her at our church, but one thing led to another and it was postponed until fall. Somewhere between writing the workbook and trying to figure out childcare for those attending the study, the idea of recording each week snuck in.

So here it is; Moxy, A Study of Proverbs 31. Twenty lessons on a woman who I adore. So pour yourself a drink, turn on your favorite background music, get comfy, and take a listen. She will not disappoint.

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A woman named Moxy

A woman named Moxy

Down through history, this proverb has been minimized to describing the perfect wife. If that is what you are looking for, you will certainly find her tucked away in these verses. But Proverbs 31 is so much more than that. It is a detailed description of all that a woman can be. It is an artists rendering of a portrait of the ultimate woman, of all she is capable of, of all she can attain. The woman described in Proverbs 31 is a woman I call Moxy: she’s a force of character, determination, courage and nerve.

These 20 studies examines, perhaps, the most ‘put together’ woman on record. Moxy has it all and does it all. She’s a partner, a parent, a business woman, an adventurer, an explorer and traveler.

I fell in love with her the first time I met her. I’ve studied her character since I was a teen. I plan to become her, even if it will take the rest of my life to do so.


21 – She’s a woman not a wife

21 – She’s a woman not a wife

At the beginning of Proverbs 31, Queen Mum is giving instruction about what kind of woman her son should seek in a partner. She wasn’t saying “find this wife and take her from her current husband”. She was describing the qualities required to be a wife, mother, and partner. She was describing a woman first, a woman worthy of being her son’s partner.

We get caught up in all of her successes of a dutiful wife, but that is not the Queen Mum’s intent. She was saying, look for these qualities in a woman.

We start as a woman. We are an individual with a brain, a soul, a heart, and a purpose – according to Queen Mum – that purpose is to be the best woman we can be. Isn’t this what we desire for our daughters, and for our sons? Isn’t this the kind of woman we want to be friends with, be in partnership with, be in business with? Isn’t this who we desire to become?

I pray that  you find the desire to become a woman of valor. May you walk each day knowing that you are becoming everything you were intended to be. May you lack for nothing, and may you know where your strength comes from. May your children rise up and call you blessed and may your praises be song at the gates. And if some day we are fortunate enough to meet, I trust we will know in our souls that we are kindred sisters, we are woman of valor.

This concludes our look into the character of a woman of valor. Thanks for following!


20 – Her rewards…

20 – Her rewards…

Audio Lesson:

Her children rise and call her fortunate; her husband praises her.

This is where the saying, they will rise up and call her blessed comes from. Heard many children speaking to their parents recently? There’s not a lot of rising up and blessings going on. It’s rare. Just as rare as our women of valor. Perhaps there is a connection.

Ever observed someone boasting about their partner? It too is rare, but when it happens, it catches other’s attention. There are few greater feelings than to meet your partner’s co- worker for the first time and be informed that you are spoken highly of. It makes you feel like a priceless pearl.


Many women have acquired wealth, but you surpass them all.

The rewards of being a woman of valor are tangible and intangible. Wise business woman make profits, they acquire wealth. It takes money to buy silk and wool and wear purple gowns. However, it’s the intangible ones that really matter. They are priceless. They are worth any effort required in becoming a woman of valor.

Charm is false and beauty is futile; a God-fearing woman is to be praised.

Interesting that this is the only reference to God in the entire proverb. It’s also interesting that the only reference to God is simple and uncomplicated. God-fearing. Not God-consumed, or God-controlled, or God-busy. Nope – just God-fearing.


Give her the fruits of her hands, and her deeds will praise her in the gates.

In the end, all the blessings and praise and wealth are extra. This woman is content with the fruits of her labor. The others are nice to have and nice to hear, but they don’t define her. She is satisfied knowing that she has given her best, enjoyed some success, and learned from her failures.

Her deeds stand on their own and they bring her praise. This praise comes from a specific place, it comes from those sitting in the gates. Who is sitting at the gates? The city elders. Not a bad group to be singing your praises.


Moxy – Where are you? We need you?

You are what makes our world better!!!

19 – A Supervisor

19 – A Supervisor

Audio Lesson:

She supervises the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Supervising is not controlling. Supervisors assure that everything is working, they give direction when needed, they train, teach and enhance the lives of those they are responsible for. They aren’t the busy bees either. They do their work, but mostly they are there to support the rest of the team.

Great supervisors are never idle. They don’t have the time for it. Idleness should not be interpreted as resting. No one ever said that on the seventh day God was idle. He was resting. He was doing something vital to our existence. Rest plays a very important part of our life. The lack of it causes physical and mental issues. It creates deficiencies. Supervisors who are sleep deprived aren’t any fun to work for or with.


Great supervisors are rewarded well as we will see in our final section…

18 – Wisdom

18 – Wisdom

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and instruction of kindness is on her tongue.

Forget the wisdom and kindness for a moment. She opens her mouth…. She controls it. She opens it, it doesn’t just flap uncontrollably. She doesn’t vomit words, allowing them to spill out on those around sending a retched stench through the room. She opens her mouth and out of it comes words of wisdom.

Wisdom is different than being a know-it-all. Know-it-alls vomit their words. Wisdom is spoken intentionally, with great insight and love. It comes out of a vault of experiences that has made one wise. It also knows when not to speak, wisdom in itself is wise.
As far as kindness – well those who are kind, speak kindness. After all, from the heart the mouth speaks.

A blabber mouth this woman of valor is not. When she speaks, others listen. Why? Because she not only knows what to say, she knows when to say it.

17 – Laughter

17 – Laughter

Audio Lesson:

Strength and beauty are her raiment, and she laughs at the last day.

We know she is strong, she has legs of vigor and strong arms. We know she is beautiful, she has created her own style and wears it well. Now we know that she laughs.

I love laughter. Laughter is as unique as a person’s voice. Laughter is contagious. My grandson laughs in his sleep. One night he was laughing so hard, I began. I was on a flight where the two attendance got the giggles and couldn’t get through the, “Welcome to Denver…” part of the flight. After five attempts most of the passengers were snickering right along with them. No one knew why, it just that laughter is contagious.

Few laugh at the future. We fear it, want to avoid it, worry about it, and are convinced that it will not be what we want it to be. Laughter is far from our minds.

So who can laugh at the future? This would be someone who knows that no matter what life throws at them, they will be able to handle. This is someone whose life isn’t out of control all of the time. This is someone who has learned from past experiences and believes that those

lessons will be useful in the future.

This is someone who trusts in a God that loves them… and so they laugh.

16 – An Entrepreneur

16 – An Entrepreneur

Audio Lesson:

She makes a cloak and sells it, and she gives a belt to the trafficker.

She is making stuff again. She’s a handy-mandy.

We don’t make stuff much anymore. It’s becoming a lost art. Back in the day, it was a school requirement. How else were you going to be able to cloth yourself if you didn’t know how to sew. We don’t sew, we shop.

So what can we do with this one? What if we switched out the word cloak for chicken? She makes chicken and sells it, and gives the leftovers to the kid next door. Yep, she’s not only handy, she’s thrifty. She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, make BLTs and sell them at lunch hour; with the leftovers, she offers them to someone in need.

We could call this entrepreneurship. We could say that she has a mind for business, but we’ve already done that. Perhaps we should just call this common sense, which in our day is as uncommon as sewing your own coat.

15 – The Gates

15 – The Gates

Audio Lesson on YouTube:

Her husband in known in the gates, when he sits with the elders of the land.

Not everyone is invited to sit at the gates with elders. There is limited seating.

The cartoon image I have is hubby hanging out with the boys, smoking cigars while wify is tending to the kids, making her own clothes, feeding the hungry and saving the world; all while wearing a purple gown and tiara. But that’s just a cartoon.

Any successful man or woman will tell you that they would not be able to achieve what they have without a strong partner. And it’s true. Success alone is very different than success shared with someone you love. Sacrifices are made. Responsibilities are passed back and forth. One fills in the gap while the other is taking care of business. Done right, both parties celebrate the achievements. Done right, both deserve the award.

It takes a confident partner to be the support person. It takes a kind and loving partner to ensure the partnership is working even is it feels one sided at times.

The other cartoon that I see is a group of men sitting at the gates of a city, watching a woman who is alive, vibrant, and engaged in life.. wishing they had one of those!

14 – The Bedroom

14 – The Bedroom

Audio Lesson:

She makes beautiful bedspreads for herself; fine linen and purple wool are her raiment.

If you are picturing a woman to has no time for herself, you are wrong. This isn’t the raggedy lady that has thrown on the same old blue jeans and T-shirt because she is so busy taking care of the world she doesn’t have time to take care of herself. No, not this woman of valor. She is vibrant. She surrounds herself with color, beauty, and texture that makes her feel like a queen. Bedrooms are important. Bedrooms make a strong statement about how we feel about ourselves, our relationship, and our lives. This bedroom speaks volumes.

The bed is adorn with a beautifully designed cover, handmade by the women of the house. It’s not crumpled up in the corner, or laying on the floor, and it certainly isn’t wrapped in plastic waiting for company. It covers the bed perfectly. It draws you in and makes you want to lay down for a moment to rest. It waits for night to come, where it will be needed once again for warmth.

Around the room you won’t find clothes piled in a heap, or spread across the floor. You don’t do that to things you cherish, things you care about. She is dressed well. Well doesn’t have to be expensive. Well can simply mean you’ve put some thought into what you wear. For those still living in the world that clothes don’t matter, that ship has sailed. They do matter. They matter to you and to those around you. If they don’t matter, its because you don’t feel you matter and it’s time to get over that!

It’s time to have a bedroom that is your retreat. It’s time to paint the canvas that cover’s your body with color, textures and style. Splash on the purples, the oranges and reds. Roll out the wool, linen and cottons. Be a woman with style, it not hard and it’s not expensive; and if you don’t know how to do it – find someone who does.