Personal Life Coaching

Changing direction, beginning again, or simply wanting to take a step forward can at times feel overwhelming. Sometimes we just need someone to listen who can look at our situations from a different vantage point.

Whether you are looking for coaching in Business, Career, Relationships or Life, I’d love the chance to partner with you and walk along side you as you discover what is a head. 

Lets Talk!

Let’s set-up a time when we can talk either face to face, on FaceTime, or by phone. During our 20 -30 minutes, I’ll ask you a few questions and you can ask me anything you want! 

It feels right!

If it feels right, we’ll schedule regular meeting times on a weekly or by-weekly basis. These meetings are usually one hour in length but can flex to meet your schedule.



Ready to get started re-writing your story?

Send me a note and we’ll get started!



Live a great story!

How do we begin writing our new life story?

It starts with three specific steps:

Edit the Past: Our past can give a great insight into who we have become and why we respond in the ways that we do. By Editing the Past we learn to keep the good and leave the troubled parts behind.

Develop our Character: Good Characters aren’t easy to create. But a Good Character will set the direction of the story. Do your actions match your desires? Is the person other’s see the person you truly are? Who do you want to be?

Create A New Story: We may not have the power to re-write our past but we can hold firmly to life’s pen and begin Writing a New Story.